Sunday, 14 June 2015

Horizon School – Year 9 Science Teachers.

As part of our Science Week, all year 9 students had to plan and deliver a 30 minute lesson on a science experiment of their choice. Each year 9 ‘teacher’ spent the afternoon with Year 4 children explaining their experiment and the science behind it. The experiments ranged from chromatography to Non-Newtonian fluids.

All the year 4 children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed all the experiments and the afternoon was a great success. Mrs Tracy and Mr Mike were very impressed with the students teaching skills and could not believe the standard of their prepared lessons.

For their part, the year 9’s found the whole afternoon enjoyable but some of them did feel a little tired at the end of it! Well done to all those involved and thank you to the Year 4 staff for their positive feedback – we will definitely be back