Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Best Way to Rent a Property in Dubai

Dubai is a glittering jewel of a city and home to the iconic Burj Khalifa. This fantastic skyscraper is the ultimate symbol of luxury and architectural brilliance.
The property market in Dubai is extremely buoyant. High numbers of tourists and expats alike pour in each year, for their own little slice of Dubai. The demands to rent, long or short term, a property in Dubai has risen, giving a whole new window of fruitful opportunity to the local Real estate firms. Many Real estate companies can provide you with great advice to help you find a property that will suit your needs as well as your pocket!
LJ Hooker is an Australian based real estate firm in Dubai that deals in buying and selling domestic land but also investing in commercial and industrial properties too. It has a history of people-focused corporate culture developed by its founder LJ Hooker a constant innovator, entrepreneur and devotee of best practice.

Why LJ Hooker?

Through the development of the internet the consumer not only has more knowledge and information about any given topic or industry but also countless options at the tip of their fingers. In a world full of so many choices it can be difficult to find the perfect home.
So what makes LJ Hooker a cut above the rest?
  • Hand-picked experts selected by their experience in the field
  • Invaluable skills and in-depth worldwide knowledge of the real estate industry
  • Professional advice and consultancy
  • Award winning sales team
  • Bespoke services
  • Comprehensive database to keep clients in the loop at all times
LJ Hooker has the reputation of a personable real estate firm in Dubai that not only gives you the advice that you need but goes over and above the call of duty to make sure you get the best property for rent in Dubai. It takes its commitment to satisfy the client very seriously.

1.      Renting Dream Homes

With property in Dubai costing an arm and a leg it makes sense to rent homes and offices. LJ Hooker is the only real estate firm in Dubai that has the largest database of property for rent in Dubai. They also provide services such as:
  • Searching for your ideal property online
  • Setting up automated rent payments
  • Continuous expert advice and support
  • Careful supervision and consultancy through every stage of the rental process

2.      Localized Services

With offices in several countries across the globe, LJ Hooker is located in prime spots to leverage local resources to give you the best services and advice on how to purchase or sell property from your base in Dubai. This global reach makes it easy to realize your ambition of an international property portfolio.

3.      Convenience during Transition

Because many come to Dubai from different parts of the world it makes sense to have a payment plan through which you can rent an apartment before you move permanently to the city. LJ Hooker offers many payment options depending on your location to make sure that your transition and stay in Dubai is smooth and convenient.
LJ Hooker also offers services to organize any maintenance required on your new property during your tenancy and provide any clarifications along the way.
LJ Hooker is committed to making your experience in finding and renting your new home an experience you won’t forget. So get online right now and get in touch with one of our experienced sales team members and find the perfect home for your family.
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wishing you all Eid ul Adha.

With Eid-ul Azha just around the corner, why not make the event a little different this year? Of course, you will have the traditional dinner barbecue with your family but Dubai promises you much more than that - an array of other fun-filled experiences that you simply cannot miss. So if you are planning to spend this Eid in Dubai, don't forget to add these fun-filled activities to your bucket list.
Dubai bustles with fun activities during Eid. From live concerts to family-themed entertainment, you can enjoy just about everything here. Tickets are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is absolutely alluring! And the best part is that you can see your favorite stars perform live on stage and even get their autograph if you are lucky.
If you are not into live concerts and loud music and like to spend Eid in a quieter fashion, perhaps you will enjoy shopping in one of the many hyper malls of Dubai. As Eid ul Azha approaches, festivity and joy fills the air and you can enjoy some of the best sales discounts on all your purchases - clothing, electronics, groceries, and the list goes on. You can literally go on a shopping frenzy enjoying the best prices the town has to offer!
There are, of course, loads of other fun-filled activities that you can enjoy in Dubai this Eid. You could enjoy a traditional barbecue at a beachside restaurant with your family if you like your Eid to be a quiet affair. Whatever your preference, Dubai will make this Eid ul Azha a memorable event! So, just have it your way this Eid!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bush & Noble’s Weekly Catch Up With Jenna!

Hello and welcome back to Jenna’s Weekly Catch Up, no I am joking I promise never to start my blog post with that introduction ever again… I just had to say it once! So this week we have lost a team member, gained a new one, had our first dual branded E-magazine created, realised that the Yas Marina Boat Show is less than a month away and I am currently sat in the office facing a group of A list celebs…

My agenda has been focused on the Yas Marina Boat Show or should I just say that I have been pulling my hair out knowing that the boat show is less than a month away, I wasn’t aware that someone had pressed the fast forward button! The show will be a first time event for Abu Dhabi and gives a great opportunity for us to participate in the start of something new which will only grow year after year. The show takes place on 9th & 10th October from 11am -7pm; it’s a free event that accommodates the whole family.  I have been preparing everything for our spot down at the show, let’s just say there won’t just be boats to take pictures with and wearing orange will be essential… All will be revealed shortly so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Best Exchange Rates in Dubai

The Arab Emirati Dirham, simply known as AED, is one of the most stable currencies in the Middle East. As an expat, you need not to worry about any abrupt upward or downward trends dealing with Exchange rates in Dubai or any other Emirate.

It is fairly understandable that a new expat would look for getting their foreign exchange converted right at the airport. But trust us; the airport is not the best place for getting your Pound Sterling, Euro, Dollar or any other currency converted. Reason? Dubai International Airport, like any of the other grand airports of the world, would rarely exhibit full-fledged, specialized exchange rate services. The services might be hasty; the exchange rates might be lower than that those shown in your internet searches.

Apply a telephone connection for your home

I remember when I moved to Israel five years ago, the first thing I did as soon as I moved into my new apartment was apply for a new telephone line. I did not know about Israeli efficiency (or inefficiency for that matter). Well, I learned my lesson after a long and fruitless two-week long wait. Delays in your plans really get on your nerves, don’t they? Especially when it comes to installation of internet or landline, the greater the delay, the more it feeds your frustration and angst. If you live in Dubai though and plan to apply for a landline for your home, you can rest assured that your nerves will not be tested.

Monday, 7 September 2015

How to open a bank account and apply for credit card

Opening a bank account in Dubai can be a tedious task at times, particularly for customers with small deposits. On the other hand, those making bigger deposits are exalted and worshipped by the bank and the branch manager will literally smile like a Cheshire cat as he digs his hands deep into your pockets. Yes, it is quite unfair but there are ways you can feel or even be as welcomed at a bank. Don’t believe us? Well, just read on then.

Opening a bank account and forcing the bank to value the business you bring them is not an art that takes years to master. All you need to do is visit a bank and ask the attendant for an account opening form. There are various fields on the form in which you have to fill your personal details. Just fill these and submit the application form to the customer relations officer along with your ID documents (ID card, passport etc.).

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Expatmoney - Dubai Issue 6 - Available Now

EXPATMONEY is a website and E-magazine that serves as a resource of information for expats moving into and living in the UAE, as well as those who are leaving and returning to the UK. Individuals returning to countries such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Africa can also benefit from EXPATMONEY.
We find companies that can provide information about moving options, places to live, education options for your family to find a school for your children, travel packages and insurance alternatives. This way, expats don’t have to waste their time in roaming the Dubai Mall in search for information and options.
EXPATMONEY is also preferred by individuals looking for information on setting up locally and off shore businesses, accountancy options, office spaces to rent, mortgages, private and commercial law, and medical insurance prerequisites. EXPATMONEY also helps professionals get ahead of all the complications of the UAE exchange.