Monday, 7 September 2015

How to open a bank account and apply for credit card

Opening a bank account in Dubai can be a tedious task at times, particularly for customers with small deposits. On the other hand, those making bigger deposits are exalted and worshipped by the bank and the branch manager will literally smile like a Cheshire cat as he digs his hands deep into your pockets. Yes, it is quite unfair but there are ways you can feel or even be as welcomed at a bank. Don’t believe us? Well, just read on then.

Opening a bank account and forcing the bank to value the business you bring them is not an art that takes years to master. All you need to do is visit a bank and ask the attendant for an account opening form. There are various fields on the form in which you have to fill your personal details. Just fill these and submit the application form to the customer relations officer along with your ID documents (ID card, passport etc.).