Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Top Five Dishes to Try When You Move to Spain

Spain is renowned for its culinary culture of late night meals gathered around a table of tasty treats with friends and family. You may have enjoyed this aspect of life in Spain as a holidaymaker, but as an expat, there will be far more time to sample some of the world-class cuisine. Paella is perhaps the most well-known dish in the country but there are a variety of mouth-watering versions of the rice-based Valencian meal to enjoy from paella with traditional chicken, white and green beans and other vegetables, to mixed seafood or even black rice stained by octopus ink. However, if you are looking for some more inspiration for delicious Spanish dishes to try, look no further than our countdown of the top five.
This Galician culinary delight contains octopus macerated with paprika, crusty rock salt and olive oil. Found on menus throughout Spain, it has a remarkable flavour and is a fantastic choice for any indulgent meal out. It is usually served with a potato or two on top of a wooden platter.