Sunday, 30 August 2015

Risk and reward for SMEs in the UAE

The fact that growth profitability and minimizing the risk is the very least that SMEs want, but all they face is commercial and political risks that are beyond your control. SMEs should to have appropriate insurance that can mitigate risks, protect cash flow and provide a stable foundation for your long-term success.

The small and medium enterprises forms the central nerve of the UAE economy, SME’s contribute an estimated of 40% of GDP in Dubai and more than 60% of UAE’s GDP. Insurance companies both local and international are creating and adapting products that offer protection to the SMEs in the UAE as they become more sophisticated international in their businesses. SMEs in the UAE are overlooking even the key risks to their business such as fire and supply chain disruption this is confirmed by the 2014 Global SME Survey by global insurer Zurich and Dubai SME. The 2014 Global SME Survey which included 200 senior executives in the UAE, who were asked to rank the top three risks faced by their businesses.